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The End. Monica is signing off of the Journal years... [Aug. 14th, 2009|03:09 am]
It is the year 2009 and I am starting on a new journey. Well almost. Tomorrow I will be going sort of "back in time". In what society may call it: I am going to be living the "college life". I am moving into an apartment complex that usually richer, prettier, the younger of the starting college group of kids would move into. It is furnished with brand new sleek black appliances, furniture, Cable, HBO, Internet, pool, hot tub, cover grills, pool tables, 24/7 gym, tanning, work study rooms with computer and internet access and yes, even a small theatre. With a popcorn machine. Now what is the catch? Expensive! But considering other furnished apts and everything I would get, it pulled me in without me having an anxiety attack. And I hear the management WAS crappy with small glitches, but now it is under new management! But whatever, we will see.
I don't feel 24 years old and I am "going in" undercover to write a scoop about the "college life". I still look and act like a younder... maybe it will work. Maybe I will be too tied up into my "senior" year to give a damn. But whatever the case, it is a change. One more year and it is all over….
But wait! What about Graduate school!? Yeah right. I knew it all these years; I am just not cut out for school. I miss working (It’s been 3 years!) Texas State… just sucks. My two years were enough, but like I said now I am with the “college life!”. This should get real interesting and/or stressful… Then what? I pulled some strings to get into an advance photography class instead of my advance graphic design courses. Maybe I will realize photography is the life of me. Or maybe my bitterness of the art world will continue to increase… Job-hunting. Oh what fun!

This is Monica J signing out: Texas State 2010!

I’ll leave you from a writing I found in a journal from 2007:

“The fantastic licorice that defines society only defined by the entanglement of red and white sound waves. The entertainment is fueled by the inspiration of twists. The dance of candy, the subtle movement of soldiers from the pathetic red confederacy. The modern establishment defined by sugar. A sugar so fake it reeks of syrup. A syrup festoon with the tides of perfect taste. The only rant I provide for this post is defined by the lack of sugar deposited in my veins. For the saltiness that consumes my favorite of taste buds. The persecution of salt and sweet is arbitrary, absurd, pointless, cancerous and banal. → The Candy men sing, but also they dance. I forget to breathe and I swallow. One thing to remember about this tasty dilemma is that the tongue never lies nor does it linger.”-Monica?

-Well some of it I can’t read too well because it was torn off because the journal was really pretty and I wanted to give it to a friend and it was the only thing in it. I don’t know what the hell I am talking about, but it seems like I am suffering from a lack of sleep and a lack of sugar.
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I should sleep. [Oct. 15th, 2008|07:39 am]
I'll post in December. ONE YEAR Since the last. I am 20lbs gained. Doing shitty with friends then I HAVE EVER BEEN! New Drama. Kill me now..........
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go for what taste the sweetest [May. 29th, 2007|10:49 pm]

How is life little girl? I can't say I can complain...let me let you step into my office....

You see, life is like that box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. UNLESS you look on the back of the box and it shows you which chocolate is which. After you make the association between them all you go for what taste the sweetest and whatever is left. If you don't decide you'll be sitting there all day trying to figure out which one you want while the choices get smaller and smaller and if you don't know what is available your going to have even a tougher problem making a choice. I personally don't go for the rich chocolate, I like it a little mixed with some nuts. Yeah, nuts are real good. Sometimes I don't look on the back of the box and I guess which ones would have a nut in them just by my past experience. A lot of times I'm wrong and I really don't like it all that much, but that is tuff shit I have to eat it anyway!


So I'm done with community college!


I already have an Associates degree!


I'm going to Texas State in the fall of 07'!


I signed a lease and have a roommate by August in San Marcos!


I bought myself a bad-ass iMac Bubble for $420!


I quit my job at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater!


I have a 3 day pass for Austin City Limits festival!


And hey I just turned 22! And I am single!


I will even have a white picket fence with a small dog!

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the days go by and by [May. 2nd, 2007|01:31 am]
i really wish i kept my journal up... i just randomly came to it. i forgot you. awhile ago. who knows what still exist in this land of write. to much has happened and too much will happen to record all me once. but as god as my witness i will return. i will return.

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Textbooks Available!! [Jul. 24th, 2006|02:41 pm]

GOVT 2306: Texas Politics, Kraemer, 9th ed.
Used book at the bookstore's price: $59.50
**My Price: $45.00

ARTS 1304: Art:A Brief History, Stokstad. Also, comes with an extra book of Art Notes to help with your studies, not used. Cd available inside.
Used book at the bookstore's price: $72.75
**My Price: $55.00

ASTR 1370: The Cosmic Perspective, Bennett, 3rd ed. Comes with two cd's available inside in perfect condition.
Used book at the bookstore's price: $80.75
**My Price: $65.00

All three of these books are in perfect condition with no markings inside. Please call or e-mail me if interested: #274-4195


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memory lane [May. 23rd, 2006|04:54 pm]
I feel like shit........ but im still going to work. The reasoning why I have to go was absolutely ridiculous. Tomorrow is my 21st. Thank goodness there is something going on... call me. I have great friends and I hope to see you pretty people tomorrow...more healthier. Maybe not. I love yall. Goodnight.


Happy birthday cousin Micheal. 12 years!
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21 WHAT?! [May. 20th, 2006|04:12 pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Guys.. friends... I miss all of yall... and I hope all of you can join me on my birthday Wednesday... I need a plan. SHIT.
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talking trash under your breath [Apr. 20th, 2006|03:11 am]
It's been awhile since i've updated... the theme here tonight.. on this day.. on this moment.. and forever known is... you really don't know everyone completely.. maybe we just won't understand how the world of people connected with one another........don't know if it's a good thing or...what?
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Communicate with our HANDS [Apr. 7th, 2006|08:01 pm]
Does anyone need their language credit?
I'm going to be taking Sign Language at SAC for Summer 1 and was wondering if anyone would like to take it with me? We could be Language buddies... and if you move out with my we could be communicating with our hands 'saying', "pick up your ugly mess, you dumb cunt." Without a word being spoken! We would hardly get into any real heated arguments. That sounds splendid! Help me.. help you... help me... help you. Everyone knows Spanish.. they don't need anymore.French? More then likely you WONT go to France and even if you did more then likely there will be people speaking English. Now... Sign Language... that's a YES! And if you ever have a baby you can teach him to communicate even before it can talk! I've seen it... It's amazing! Hands down! Take it with meeeeeeeeeeee!

SUMMER I: SLNG1304 MW 6-9PM call#:10327
Registration begins April 17th
Payment Deadline May 22nd
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I NEED SOMEONE!!!!!!!! [Apr. 7th, 2006|07:04 pm]

Okay that sounded desperate enough... let me give you the jest of why im saying this. Well the odds are out...
This will be a possible attempt to see where my options are going...

Things are headed towards freedom this Summer and Fall.
From my calculations...I can move out for about 7 MONTHS starting around JUNE. Why only 7 MONTHS? Well, I'll be going to SAC for a few classes and would like to live closer because I will have a huge gap inbetween classes and most likely full time at SAC in the Fall too. Then im off (hopefully) to Ms. Incarnate Word in 2007. By then the apartment lease will be up and we can move our separate ways... or maybe not. It will be just a test. Considering I've never moved out before and of course always wanted to... for the obvious reasons... freedom, responsibility, experience and plain old fashion fun! I figures I only have this time until I'm straight focused on school completely. I'm not going to have the advantage of that "college lifestyle" I'll more then likely move back to the parents and stick my head in a book for 3 years straight until I'm done. Even then I'll be 24 and I can still move out and experience everything then... just 4 more years... but if i do this now.. that urge will be slightly calmed down instead of anticipating the end of school. I will be enjoying more of what im learning.

Thats my reason... now im just trying to find someone who's traveling on their path of life who's kinda at the same pit stop I'm at wanting the same thing... I need to find this person...or you need to speak up! Whatcha think?

What I'm offering here is the time of your life full of space, love, board games, funnies, and friendship! I'm looking for a roommate or someone who thinks she... yes LADIES only and I should probably have met you once in my life.... which i have met everyone on my list for the most part except afew weirdo's just forget about it... dont ask if i dont know you.

Let's just talk about it... see our options... whats going on... blah blah... I'm looking for a place tops $600 a months 2 bedrooms... a town home would be nice one room upstairs, one down would be nice... You obviously need to have money already saved up for a down payment and have a stable job. Medical Field... or downtown somewhere... EVEN if it's just a small little spark or option for you call me anyway!There's lots of time to think about it… just reply THINK to this if you are thinking about it.

-Monica Jaleh
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